What is working now for SEO

SEO aka search engine optimisation is the process of optimising a website so that it shows up on page 1 of Search engines such as Google. Ever since the inception of search engines, Online marketers have exploited the google updatessearch engines algorithms so that they can rank on page 1. This forces Google and the search engines to constantly update their search algorithms, such as panda, hummingbird,etc.

Multi Page Websites

Previously 1 page websites with thin content was sufficient to rank in search engines. Now Google is smart enough to filter out and even obliterate those 1 page websites. It is rare to find 1 page websites rank on page 1 of Google anymore. So bear this in mind that for a website to rank, it must have at least a few related pages. The more page it has, the more Google will consider it to rank it high. These one page websites used to be good landing page for Singapore marketers or even lead generation Singapore experts, but they do not work well now especially in competitive niches.

Quality PR Links

Gone are the days when you can use some automatic software to fire backlinks to your website to get it to rank. If you do this, be sure that Google will hunt your website down and take you out. It is not worth it for your Singapore business website to get penalized because of this. Quality and high PR links from guest posting, Press release, social media accounts and profiles are still working today. They can be used effectively and successfully to pass link juice to your website and subsequently boost your website ranking.

On page optimisation

On page SEO is the tweaking and improving of the given website so that google ranks it on page 1. H1 tags, titles should contain the keyword. The content on page should have the keywords and variations of the keywords. So for example the keyword “SEO for dummies” will have variations such as dummy guide for SEO, SEO dummy, Guides for SEO dummy, SEO guidebook for beginners etc. The domain of the URL will also contribute towards the ranking for the website. What is working now are partial EMDs (exact match domains). For more information on on page and off page SEO, check out this video by seo singapore expert.

Social Media

social signalsIf your Singapore business website has many social signals, it is going to rank better as well. Facebook, youtube, twitter, etc can contribute to your ranking factors but not necessarily help your page rank directly. If there are many social media accounts that link to your website and there are lots of engagement on from the social media sites, your website will definitely be favoured by Google.


There are many Singapore SEO companies and experts out there who can help your Website rank better in search engines. Just do a quick search and find one that can meet your requirements. Here is one example of an SEO company that might be able to help you, Lighthouse Integrated Solutions SEO. A high ranking website for your business or blog can work wonders to your bottomline. So don’t underestimate the power of doing SEO for your website.

The Benefits of Investing in Gold IRA

Of all the investment vehicles available to the retail investor, Gold is one that shines above the rest. History has shown that Gold have always retained it’s value. Precious metals have appreciated in value throughout history simply because of demand exceeding supply. With the world’s resources of precious metal such as Gold depleting, the value of Gold and other precious metals are bound to go up.

Prediction Of Gold

gold1Financial experts are predicting that the prices of gold will rise to as high as $10,000 per ounce. This is a good report for those who have invested in gold IRA. But whichever the case, the prices of gold will rise and will never go down, especially if people continue buying and selling the same. The demand of gold will set a specific tone for the prices.

However, history has also shown that gold can be volatile but for a short. In the longtime basis it has shown that gold hold its value and that is why it is the best protection against inflation and fluctuation power of paper money.


Advantages of Roth IRA

What are the advantages of gold in Roth IRA plan? Perhaps, this is the best way to acquire physical gold. The greatest advantage of this plan is that there is no storage. It is therefore the safest way to invest in gold without any worry. The transportation and its storage are catered for; so you should not worry about the security of it. Gold backed individual retirement accounts are really the way to go for those who are keen and wants to take action in deciding their financial future and retirement.

This is the time for people to invest in gold IRA and get all the benefits accrued to it. It is an investment that you do not expect losses or poor income. It is very ideal for those who want to plan their future well and have secure financial life. The benefits are greater than investing in paper money which will be affected by inflation and other factors that effect global economy. Think about it and make a positive conclusive decision about gold IRA. It is a new way to enjoy you retirement.

Individual retirement accounts are really a good way to invest in precious metals such as gold. It is highly advisable and are recommended by experts. So consider getting a ira backed gold account today.

Advantages of Locksmith Services

Check Credentials
Locksmiths are indispensable experts when it comes to aspects that concern the security of a business and/or residential property premise. However, when you are hiring a Locksmith, you will need to scrutinize the credentials of the technician. A license or vocational training may be one way to determine qualification of the expert as a preliminary step when you are seeking the services. When seeking Emergency Locksmith services here in Singapore to enhance safety and security of your home or your vehicle, a local resident Locksmith may be sufficient to solve your problems. Be careful to avoid crooks and rogues who may end up duping you by hiking prices or duplicating extra keys without authorization. Facilities with high sensitivity will require a reputable and credible service provider as not to compromise the security of your valuable constituents.

Proficient and Knowledgable

A Locksmith independent contractor requires dexterity and essential skills due to the tremendous change in technology. This requires lock systems to be designed with complexity thus requiring special tools and skills to install or repair. The Singapore expert should be able to amply offer required services such as washing, maintenance, installation, restoration and customizing locks and electronic locking appliances. The inherent requirements of the lock systems demands that the singapore locksmith be proficient in his understanding of the designs and structure.

advance locksIf you have a close friend or family independent contractor, you can always trust them for efficiency and credibility. Sometimes, you may need unique locking designs and solutions for sensitive security measures in certain classified facilities. Banks, depositories for precious metals and other operators require special measures in security approaches. Subsequently, rigorous scrutiny of the business operations may be an undertaking to avoid hiring cunning thieves who duplicate keys without your authorization.

A 24hr singapore locksmith service can really come in handy to help you not only in unlocking your doors when you have locked yourself out, but they are also expert lock technicians that can advice you on the requirement and type of lock and security that is best for your home or facility.

Things To Consider For Plastic Surgery

Have you ever read or heard about this punch line: the truth shall set you free. Yes, perhaps, No. Unfortunately, most of us are not contented with certain features in our bodies. This scenario is the driving force behind the plastic surgery procedures in Singapore. Millions of people around the world are visiting plastic surgeons with the aim of 

considerationenhancing their looks, which in turn, boosts the self esteem of the individual. Common procedures include tummy tuck, liposuction, facelift, and rhinoplasty and breast augmentation among others. 

Today, different types of plastic surgical procedure in Singapore  is affordable and safe when compared to the past. Indeed, the advancements in technology have brought a positive effect. Below are basic guidelines to help you undergo a successful plastic surgery in Singapore of whatever type.

Physician: Now that you have already made up your mind to face the knife, the physician to perform the procedure must be selected wisely. How do you locate the ideal plastic surgeon to handle your needs? For a successful procedure, a qualified and experienced physician must come on board. Getting such personnel is not an easy task and calls for research. Check out the references, credential and event patient testimonials. Try at all costs to get the surgeon who will make it possible for you to attain the desired look without inconveniences. During consultations and one-on-one meet-ups, ask as many questions as you can while expecting a wide range of responses.


Budget: The bill of your cosmetic surgery should not be settled using a credit card. Just waking up and taking money from your home for plastic surgery is not a healthy financial decision. If it is a procedure that is inevitable, it is best to make savings in advance so that you are able to pay for the service immediately is performed. Health facilities offer payment plans for services without any interest.

Celebrity hype: Plastic surgeons warn people against going under the knife in an attempt to look like a superstar. Rather, the surgery should be meant for improving your looks for all the good reasons other than for celebrity status. As you undergo the procedure, be realistic in your expectations.

Recovery phase: It is very important to know about this phase even before you go decide to go for surgery. You need to comprehend the whole process of surgery. This understanding will be instrumental in preparing for the recovery period. It also ensures that everything goes on smoothly. You will have to consider: the expected number of follow-up visits; is further assistance necessary? Is there a likelihood of experiencing pains?

discussionIt is easier said than done, you must sit down and think through whether this procedure is really necessary. Take your time to discuss with family members and close friends about that surgery. What do they have to say about your decision? Do not ignore their advice. You have to carry out an extensive research, speaking to patients who have previously undergone the surgery. Making an informed decision concerning plastic surgery requires unwavering endurance and plenty of time. There are many factors to consider when going for plastic surgery in Singapore. Depending on the type of cosmetic surgery you are going for, there will be different types of considerations.

There is a good resource called plastic surgery singapore hub which has more information regarding having cosmetic surgery done in Singapore. Do check it out. Thanks for reading!